Project History

Just some of our projects from 2014 onwards


Project Details


Works included 2 x engine and 1 x generator service, upgrade of internal electrical cabling to 32Amp, steel fabrication of new custom winch guides and rubbing strakes, design and fabrication of aft deck bimini , supply and fitting of new rudder bearings, supply and fitting of new extendable electric boat davits, repairs to teak transom, steelwork repairs to hull and topsides painting.

Works included hull repairs by way of stabilisers, repairs to air conditioning pumps, removal of 2 x prop shafts, remove old seals and replace with new seals, refit of shafts to boat, cleaning of fuel tanks including clearing of fuel blockage,hull prep and antifoul plus propspeed application to props and shafts.

Works included tenting and scaffolding of boat, repairs to hull sides followed by re-painting. new through hull fittings throughout, extensive electrical works to power cabling.

Works included specialised repairs to caulking in various areas of hull below waterline, removal of keel bolts for surveyors inspection, engine service, rudder bearings repair, hull antifoul and propspeed application to prop and shaft.

Works included 2 x MTU engine and generator service, hull and topsides paint repairs including stress crack repairs to carbon superstructure,hydraulics repairs to swim ladders, electrical works, supply and fitting of new icemaker and fridge, servicing and repairs to 2 x jetskis and Williams jet RIB.

Works included scaffolding and tenting the hull, repairing damaged areas of woodwork and prepping the hull above the waterline before  painting the hull using brush and roll technique. Bowsprit repairs were undertaken including taking it back to bare wood before application of 8 coats of varnish. Hull below the water was antifouled.

Works included spot paint repairs to hull topsides and superstructure, hull antifoul, fabrication repairs and electrical repairs.

Works included hull, topsides and superstructure strip down, corrosion repairs and re-painting, fabrication work to lazarette, complete standing rigging replacement, mast and boom strip down, corrosion repairs and re-paint, keel repairs, internal woodwork refurbishment, electrical and electronic works, replacement of hatches.

Works included removal of 2 x Caterpiller main engine and 1 x generator to workshops for complete re-build and re-fitting to boat. Repairs to electronic navigation and communication systems,repairs to passarelle, Extensive hull repairs above waterline followed by re-painting. Repairs to air conditioning system , hull antifoul and propspeed application to propos and shafts.

Works included hull paint repairs, electrical works, hydraulic works and engineering works.

Works included scaffolding and tenting of complete boat, steel hull below the waterline blasted back to bare steel, followed by extensive filling and fairing and re-painting, Hull above the waterline and topsides spot repaired before filling and fairing and re-painting. Extensive teak deck repairs and replacement of damaged teak. New hatches fitted, deck winches replaced, Bilges and water tanks cleaned and re-painted, Seacocks serviced, all safety gear serviced.

Works included extensive rudder repairs, electrical works and engineering works.

Works included removal of 2 MTU main engines to workshop, extensive re-build of engines and re-fitting to boat. 

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